Sharings by women on IWD Workshop

The International Women’s Day (IWD) workshop we had at a hostel for students of Putra Intelek International Kolej, Puchong on 8 Mar, 2016. It was refreshing as we shared the occassion with young students.

Irene, Patricia Xavier, Pauline, Chandrakala and Suguna were there to conduct the training. The young students drew a logo to represent what they thought about women. They were really good, as one group had a logo of the panty with a lock and wings on either side. It represented their female organ and had wings on either side with a lock on the panty …well to guard it. The wing on the right represented positive aspects and the left represented negative aspects. Irene did the part on the struggle of women hereā€¦ such as the struggle to get the Domestic Violence Act enacted and the meaning of IWD (video).

Minimum Wage, Precarious Work, Rest Days

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