Presentation for students of the Methodist College, Kuala Lumpur

Melanie Yong, the Service Learning Coordinator at the Methodist College, Kuala Lumpur organises a project called Leadership Training. Students who are mostly from urban, middle class background, are encouraged to volunteer with NGOs and learn about different issues. In our case, the struggles of members of the working class, especially women.

On Saturday, 14 November 2015, Sahabat Wanita gave a presentation to around 20 students about the origins and development of our organisation. They were then engaged in discussions about the particular challenges women workers face like the double oppression as women and workers, their limited power and the impact of the global market place.

We explained to the students how we support women and talked about possible solutions to improve their situation.

After all the hard work, we had a bit more time to chat whilst enjoying a nice lunch together.

Minimum Wage, Precarious Work, Rest Days

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Our vision is for a society that is built on equality and justice for all regardless of their class and gender.