Cambodian Migrant Workers Training Project – 1st workshop

On 22 November the Cambodian Migrant Workers Training Project started with our first workshop for Cambodian migrant workers from a garment factory in Perak.

The Cambodian Migrant Solidarity Network together with CAW, PSWS and the Malaysian Trades Union Congress organised this project with the aim to raise rights awareness amongst migrant workers, inform them about relevant local law and encourage them to organise themselves. Becoming aware of issues commonly faced by migrant factory workers, especially women, and stimulating more confident and independent thinking shall empower them to work together towards obtaining a decent wage, freedom of association/collective bargaining, and abolishment of contract work.

We tried to further these aims in group discussions, through case studies and gave a presentation about the Malaysian Employment Act focusing specifically on migrant workers rights.

The group of 21 workers mainly from Cambodia but also including some women from Burma and Nepal, and some men, made this day a productive and rewarding session and we are looking forward to the next training with them.

Minimum Wage, Precarious Work, Rest Days

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