Bajet 2019 does little to help women workers

Dear Tun Mahathir, YB Lim Guan Eng and YB Kula, we are extremely disappointed in #Bajet2019 and the PH government in treating workers especially women workers so lowly as to increase the minimum wage by RM50 to RM1,100 truly disgusting, demeaning attitude this govt has.

That eventful day to protest at Parliament #BantahRM1050 was of little use. During the #Bajet2019 only another measly amount was increased. Is this how the PH govt treat workers especially women workers who at the bottom rung in the hierarchy of wages.

Because of the contract system, mature women and single mums choose to work in the informal sector. At 54% female labour participation rate, most women choose to work in the informal sector so they can look after their kids.

Women are forced to quit their jobs to look after their kids to save money on child care. When their kids are grown up when they wish to return to the workforce, they are denied jobs or paid minimum wage. Both 2010 and 2015 OECD reports on Msia urged the govt to set up affordable child care centres so women can return to the formal work force which pay for a pension fund and insurance for injuries at work place.

Come on PH govt – tax the top rich, we still lag behind in our taxation of this sector, only below 5% of GDP. Developed nations charge taxes for this sector at least about 10% of GDP.

This govt supports this small minority of people who earn more than RM700,000 a month. They are not tapped to assist in development of this nation. SST has caused price increases in many sectors, costs of living is similar to BN era.

This is utterly unforgiving PH govt for a rakyat who voted you in.

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