Weekly Rest Days


  • The acceleration of the passage of a specific law for Domestic Workers in the country
  • The inclusion of domestic workers in the National Social Security Scheme
  • The ratification of the International Labour Organisation Convention 198 (Domestic Workers’ Convention)

Weekly Rest Days are Crucial for Domestic Workers

Domeestic workers have very few laws that protect them as it is the least regulated form of employment in Malaysia. We have seen how Domestic Workers are abused so often, sometimes leading to death and sexual exploitation. To improve their conditions they need to be able to meet with others and collectively organise themselves to struggle for their rights. In Malaysia, this is very difficult because domestic workers do not have weekly rest days which is a right enjoyed by all other workers in Malaysia. A rest day is important not only for the physical rest that they need, but also for organising to change theor conditions of work, and for their social and cultural needs. We strongly advocate that all domestic workers who live-in with their employers be given a weekly rest day on a Sunday, a common rest day for workers in Malaysia.

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Our vision is for a society that is built on equality and justice for all regardless of their class and gender.