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History Of PSWS


A group of 2 activists and some of their friends embarked on a journey to find out what grassroots women workers were doing in the plantations and in the Sungai Way Free Trade Zone.  With the plantation workers they were in touch with a workers credit cooperative which finally became Koperasi Kredit Pekerja in …  The second group was an informal women workers group in Sungai Way. These activists talked to about 50 women workers in Sungai Way and realised that they had many problems in the workplace, their accommodation and also in their personal lives. In the credit cooperative group these activists helped them to contact women workers and these women ultimately became women worker leaders in the credit cooperative.

A group of women in plantations in Perak, Selangor and Penang met regularly and decided to promote credit cooperatives to help women workers to save money and take out small loans to pay their debts. In the 1980s the activists decided to set up a society for women workers and which should be led by women workers. 

Thus the idea for Persatuan Sahabat Wanita Selangor was born. In 1982, an application was made to the Registrar of Societies to form  PSWS.  In October 1984 the registrar approved the formation of PSWS.  Since then the society consolidated the work with women workers and trained women workers to lead a society. Today PSWS has undertaken projects with women workers on labour issues and gender issues such as sexual harassment and violence against women.  These issues include advocacy for labour laws.  PSWS was actively involved in the recent amendments to the Employment Act, the Industrial Relations Act and the Trade Union Act. The leadership of PSWS continues to have a majority of women workers.


Key Achievement (1984) - Registration approved by ROS. After numerous interviews with ROS, PSWS was given registration on 3 October 1984.


Key Achievement (1986) - An AGM was held every 2 years & new committee was elected. Started Electronic Workers Groups in Sg. Way


Key Achievement (2018) - PSWS initiated a coalition together with a Filipino activist which is called Kearah 189 (based on ILO Convention 189) which brought together local and migrant domestic workers. We celebrated International Women’s Day in Melaka with electronic workers.


Key Achievement (2021) - Started skills training for workers – local and migrants. PSWS participated in the discussions on labour law reform and the Industrial Relations Act, The Employment Act and the Trade Union Act began to be amended.

The Vision Of PSWS

We envision a society that built on equality and justice for all regardless of their class and gender.​

The Mission of pSWS

The Mission of PSWS is to enable women workers to have access to their rights as women workers under the current Labour Laws and laws affecting gender rights of women workers.

Objective of PSWS

To build confidence in women workers about their rights as workers and as women.

To support women workers in their struggles to improve their lives, livelihood and institutions that represent them.

To undertake programmes, activities and issues that would foster the interests of women workers.

Executive Committee

Pushpa Doraisamy


Muthammah A/P Maddacanno


Devaki Arumugam


Mageswary Adaikalam

Assistant Secretary



Committee Members

Vanaja A/P Sangalrayan

Committee Member

Jayanthi A/P Anthonisamy

Committee Member


  • Patricia Lourdes Irene
  • Nur Nadia Lukmanulhakim
  • Anniegerra A/P Gunalan
  • Jagathesan A/L Muthusamy

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