International Womens’ Day Celebration

Chandrakala, PSWS’ ExCo member facilitating an International Women’s Day program on 12 March 2016 at a home in Kajang. About 15 women, a few teens and kids of mums joined this session. The session comprised of creating a 4 line verse song on women. Groups came up with the most empowering verses and it brought a smile and laughter to all those who attended. It seemed there was a lady who never smiled before and many were surprised to see her give a wide smile.

This is Chandrakala’s second time in facilitating a workshop and she has blossomed from a very quiet person into an excellent trainer… cakap pun dengan lantang pula.

The photos below show participants busy preparing for the lyrics of their song on women. There are the posters they prepared too. Irene Xavier (the woman with her hand up) had a few questions for them… it’s unfortunate they could answer questions like who is the MP for Kajang but they were able to get presents for simple questions on pregnancy leave. Irene gave the input on why 8 March was significant for women workers.


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